Danish VS Vikings

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Danish VS Vikings

Are the Danes still like the Vikings?

Before arriving in Denmark, I imagined Ragnar Lodbrok (from the Vikings series) walking through the city next to Laguerta on a bicycle, but although I have seen several Ragnar in Denmark with their tattoos, classic haircut and characteristic beard. .. I can say with complete certainty that this society has changed ..

Well without going around many times, we tear down the myth at first! Danes today are far from being like their ancestors, rather they are quite the opposite and to argue why? Next, I show you 5 reasons for everything that the current Vikings have changed.

1. It’s funny, but every time you go down the street and you meet a Danish head-on, he smiles at you! Yes, he smiles at you without much reason. I think it’s his way of greeting or saying “good morning” because they say nothing and just send you a smile.

2. The streets are a walkway! And you do think that only women practically parade in the streets, no! Because both men and women, every time they go out, they dress as if they were going to the best party, everything must combine and never, but never cover the ankles. I don’t know if this is the latest fad, but it may be raining with 2 degrees below zero, but the Danes love to show their ankles.

3. All the houses practically have a library. Yes this was one of the things that called me the most curiosity, and of course! Danes, besides being very well educated, read a lot, and maybe one of the reasons they do it is because in winter nobody wants to leave their homes (… well maybe I would do a Netflix marathon).

4. …if in the Viking series, they used to be dirty and smelly, keeping their homes like real pigsty. Danish houses are the opposite, and even more so when it refers to their flat .. (because they love it), yes because every time you arrive at a house you must leave your shoes outside, in order not to get dirty, or spoil the floor. Maybe I can’t say the same about the bathroom (… but well that’s flour from another sack).

5. The Danes respect everything! And when I say everything is everything! They love to respect the rules and laws, but I also believe that this is the reason why this country works so well. I remember watching them on the street, and I could tell my first weeks that the Danes take the traffic light very seriously, because they are alone without even a fly nearby and want to cross the street, they don’t do it until the green light arrives, and If you find this crazy, believe me that it is common here where you end up getting used to it.

In short, the Danish culture is no longer the same as their ancestors, but quite the opposite, they have evolved and in a great way, although if you really want the Danes to show the Viking blood they carry, try not to respect the rules on a bicycle because you forget all the previous points and in addition to receiving a couple of bells with their bells, you will receive a couple of words in Danish that you will not understand even the slightest word (of course, unless you already master this language).


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