The six forgotten giants of Denmark

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The six forgotten giants of Denmark

The six forgotten giants of Denmark

If you thought that Denmark was just Copenhagen I tell you that you are very wrong, because there are many beautiful and mysterious places outside the city. On this occasion I will tell you about “The six forgotten giants of Denmark” that are a couple of minutes away by train from Copenhagen.

Well, if your goal is just to meet these giants and not sweat a drop, I tell you that it is almost impossible! To find the giants you must travel long distances (walking 12 hours and cycling approximately 6 hours), but that is where the greatness of this work is.
Thomas Dambo in 2016 decided to make an open-air museum with recycled materials, where people had to connect with nature and get out of the busy life of Copenhagen or the big cities. The objective was fully met, because searching for each giant is an adventure!

How to get from Copenhagen

The first thing that he recommended is that you go by bicycle, since it is an exercise not less to travel the long distances, also you manage to connect with nature while looking for each giant. You can also do it by public transport, but I feel that you really do not enjoy the meaning of the work.

What train to take?

For me it was better to go to the last giant and then go back to Copenhagen, so I got on my bike and took the train from Ryparken to Taastrup and looking for the giants! (Remember that you can see your combinations in the Rejseplanen app or on the web with the same name).

Map of the giants

Here I leave the map that was made by the author himself, sometimes it is a bit confusing to understand, but for those who prefer a little more technology I leave below the exact location of each giant according to Google maps.

Who are the giants

Thomas, Trine, Louis, Oscar, Teddy and Tilde are the six wooden giants designed by carpenter Thomas Dambo, 37, who baptized each of his giants with the name of one of his assistants.
8 months was what took the work to complete and for that I needed the help of several volunteers of all nationalities. The tallest is 17 meters tall Thomas, while Tilde has 28 houses that house the most varied species of birds in the area. While my favorite is Trine, since it is far away, it has a beautiful way to go, you can get on its hands and it has a beautiful view to contemplate with the sheep and animals of the sector (here I leave the video my adventure) .

Little Tilde (location)

Thomas on the mountain (location)

Trine on top of the hill (location)

Louis the sleeper (location)

Oscar under the bridge (location)

The friendly Teddy (location)

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