What you should know about Denmark

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What you should know about Denmark

The first impression
Once you arrive in Denmark, the first thing you can notice are those beautiful mountains, its warm climate and the subtle native language spoken in all its streets. These are things that captivate you at first … But hey, let’s be honest! If you thought all this was true, you still don’t know anything about Denmark! so stay to discover more of the land of the Vikings.

When you arrive you don’t see any mountains, usually the weather is very cold and windy (put stones in your pockets so you don’t fly away), and your language is very uncommon for Spanish speakers and also for native English speakers, since they pronounce the words using their throat a lot, making sounds that we are usually not used to making (unless you are getting stuck with a piece of meat when eating). But the virtues of Denmark and the Danes go the other way, where they undoubtedly have great advantage compared to most of the countries in the world, their educational system, the health system, the security that is breathed through its streets, the bass level of corruption and even those slender bodies sculpted from the best fitness magazine are things that we envy the common of mortals. Next, we detail each one of them to give you an idea of ​​this beautiful country.

Education system
If in your country you had to pay a registration fee every six months and a monthly payment that was practically a salary and impossible to pay for most of the population .. forget all that! This is Denmark, here the educational system in addition to being of excellence, is completely free, if this is not a joke, you do not pay tuition, or monthly payment, so forget about the high debts to study. Now if you are thinking “I already have this in my country”, I bet that in your country the state does not pay you a salary for studying! If you have read correctly, the state of Denmark pays its students an approximate monthly payment of US $ 1,200 so that they can “pay for their university life”, with the only requirement of working at least 20 hours per week in any job (it was not going to be so easy).
If all this is wonderful, how clear it is … (as I wish it were in my country), I tell you the bad news, if you are Latin American or rather NOT European, you can not access this benefit and you will have to pay for college and forget about that wonderful salary for the simple fact of studying. But we go! Not everything is lost, so you better figure out how to pay for college and study the same way. Now in the time you are in Europe you find love, remember this post and go study at DK.

Health System
At this point I must be honest, and for that I will not start at the beginning. When I received my health card known as the “Yellow card”, the first thing I noticed was the name of my doctor, which was “Øbro” blablablá (a last name I can’t even remember). Seeing that beautiful name, which rather sounded in my mind as “Ogre” (which I remember today because of that), I imagined my doctor as a fat, dirty about 60 years and with a bad attitude to attend . But as they say in my country “there is no deadline that is not met, nor debt that is not paid”, I got sick in Denmark, even having that bestial figure of my doctor, I tried to get intoxicated with how much medicine and grandmother’s homemade prescription, but Seeing that he was already very sick, I armed myself with courage and asked my doctor for the time, not knowing if he would come out alive from that consultation ..
I remember that I called on the phone, thinking that they were going to give me an hour maybe for next week (as it happens in my country, with a lot of luck …) and to my surprise they gave it to me in the instant … I arrived at the consultation (I think that the fear that I had had already passed all the symptoms), but at the moment of being my turn .. guess? It turned out that Øbro was a doctor, blonde, with colored eyes, friendly and with attention as if you were paying in the best place in your country. Then, to land and realize that I was in Denmark, where everyone smiles and where you do not pay for your health .. today I can say that at the slightest headache I call Øbro to attend me.
In short, the health system in Denmark is free (even for tourists), but keep in mind that the dentist is very expensive (although I still do not check, but they say), attention (as in all things in Denmark) It is expeditious, of good quality and always with a smile on the face. Just remember that you need your Yellow card for medical care or at least your CPR number (then I will upload a post on how to get it). If you need to buy medicines, don’t worry that at least I have found that in comparison to my country the price is even 10 times lower.

Slender bodies in each corner
To give you an idea of ​​this, I recommend that you look for the model or model that you think is more beautiful and think that you will find it in every corner. And yes, you have to be honest, the Danes and in general the Nordics have enviable features (snub nose, intense blue eyes, blond and if that were not enough, a well-marked six pack). But this is not simply due to genetics, but also because Danes are extremely athletic, it is very common to see 40-year-old parents pushing their babies’ cars while doing their daily exercises around a nearby park, coupled with the fact that the environment The transport par excellence and without distinction of social class is the bicycle, the Danes become an extremely sporting population. Nor should we forget that their typical foods include the famous black bread (low fat), fruits and vegetables, which help their genetics delivered by their gods of Olympus.
It is not difficult to find an ordinary day for children of 6 years with a personal trainer, training as if they were going to compete in the Iron Man of the year or the elderly, if ladies and gentlemen, “elders” over 70 years of spending in the multiple bike lanes in the city, when you with a small hill you are already having a heart attack.

Ohh loved and longed for security
If in your country you were afraid that while you were talking on the phone on the street, a “friend of the alien” would arrive and take your inseparable friend (your Smartphone), don’t worry because that is practically impossible in Denmark. I do not know if the “friends of others” have not yet googled Denmark or do not like the Scandinavian cold, but in Denmark everyone enjoys full security in this regard, seeing children with their computers in a park or leaving their backpacks sideways while they go to play where they can no longer see their belongings, it is common in this beautiful country. But do not trust 100%, because they tell the urban legends that sometimes steal in summer (I have never known a case), but I have heard of people who have stolen their precious means of transport (the bicycle), although it is said that many rather lose it in the unbridled Danish nights or rather were victims of someone who took more than the account and was confused about what their bike was between the sea of ​​you are in all the streets. Anyway, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world and as a recommendation always, but always take care of your belongings.

The evil of all countries “corruption”
If it is common in your country (as in mine) that there is corruption or little meritocracy, you will be surprised with this Scandinavian country. Denmark enjoys being one of the least corrupt countries in the world, if ladies and gentlemen, its politicians are not corrupt. When we believed that to be politicians it was a fundamental requirement that you sell yourself for a few pesos at the cost of harming the population, in Denmark they ignored that requirement … rather the opposite, politicians are NOT the ones who earn the most in the country, it is more and to the surprise of the common mortal .. if you are used to associating the politician of your country arriving to work (if he does) in a car of last model with personal driver, in Denmark this does not happen .. because politicians They move like ordinary mortals (NO, no kidding) politicians in Denmark arrive mostly by bicycle, which they leave parked outside the Christianborg Palace (parliamentary seat), where you can also enter to visit for free. So not everything is lost in this world and if your country is far from this and everything you just read spreads this post and shows the world that there is still hope to transform into a great country.


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